Furnace Installation

Furnace Installation

A furnace is a heating unit that is used to provide heat to the whole building. Furnaces are the most important part of a central heating system. The name derives from the Latin word fornax, which means oven. Furnaces are placed in a special place to provide heat to an enclosed space through fluid movement, which may be air, steam, or hot water. The most common fuel source for modern furnaces in North America and much of Europe is natural gas; other common fuel sources include LPG(liquefied petroleum gas), fuel oil, wood and in rare cases coal. In some areas, electrical resistance heating is used, especially where the cost of electricity is low or the primary purpose is for air conditioning. Modern furnaces can be 98% efficient they do not require a chimney, and a typical gas furnace is about 80% efficient.

Furnace Repair

Most furnaces can operate between 18 to 20 years with routine annual maintenance, but sometimes if the heating is inadequate, you might find yourself wanting to replace the whole unit. Sometimes the cost month after month might be so high. We may recommend replacing your furnace when the new unit might get you better results and save on costs.

Furnace Service

It is smart to be prepared with a well-functioning furnace when the harsh winter temperatures arrive. The best method to ensure your furnace works fine against harsh temperatures is by keeping the unit inspected and maintained every year. It is recommended in fall before the cold temperatures and can help increase the life of your heating system. We can help you by checking for carbon monoxide leaks, looking for any other leaks or blockages, and changeout the filter. Applepine Incorporated Contractors can help you with seasonal tune-ups to ensure the safety and reliability of your heating system.